Press release,  2 February 2015

15th Anniversary of Prespa National Park in the World Wetlands Day

About 20 year ago PPNEA (Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania) in cooperation with EuroNatur (European Nature Heritage Fund), a Germany based foundation, and supported by GTZ (now GIZ) was undertaking the ambitious initiative for strengthening the conservation and establishment of the protected areas system at the Albanian part of Ohrid and Prespa Lakes.

It was the firm work of the team guided by the late Prof. Dr. Leke Gjiknuri with clear vision and participatory approach that made possible at late 1999 the establishment of Prespa National Park and Ohrid Landscape Protected area. With that the biggest and most diverse system of PAs has been initiated, where for the first time in Albania different habitats including terrestrial and aquatic ones were considered in a pioneering ecosystem approach.

From the establishment until nowadays, PPNEA in cooperation with EroNatur, FZS, SPP, EECONET Action Fund, UNDP SGP, CRIC, and other stakeholders has continued to contribute in building of capacities, improving infrastructure and training of protected areas staff. The gained experiences will serve for considering different aspects like conservation development, strategic planning, monitoring and improvement of livelihoods for the local communities.

As an active part of the Prespa Park process PPNEA is proud for the memorial mention of its founder Prof. Gjiknuri and for the nowadays state of the park, integrity, ambitions and management objectives that the coined in the already approved Management Plan.

The NGO network PrespaNet (MES, PPNEA, SPP), intends to strengthen the trilateral cooperation in Prespa for the protection of the area in this anniversary of Prespa National Park in Albania and World Wetlands Day. According to the youngest PPNEA staff Klaudja Koci, Albanian PrespaNet coordinator, “the organizations currently are looking on clear perspective that has to ensure the conservation of natural resources and the diversity of life for future generations”.

For more information:
Klaudjia Koci, PPNEA (e: [email protected]; t: 00355 4 2256 257)


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