The program aims at conserving biodiversity and ecosystem functions by implementing an efficient management on three protected areas. It proposes to ensure a greater ownership of local communities for their natural heritage and in particular through an emblematic umbrella specie such  as the Dalmatian pelican.

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Wetland Management and Dalmatian Pelican Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin.
The project objectives are:
  • Gather the necessary knowledge on Dalmatian Pelican and its habitat for an optimal implementation of species conservation and wetland management plans;
  • Implement a regional network of effectively managed Protected Areas, thanks to improved local capacities;
  • Engage local communities in sustainable development, respectful of the Dalmatian Pelican and its habitat;
  • Mainstream environmental threats to the Dalmatian Pelican among communities and therefore to contribute to the integration of environmental issues within relevantlocal policies and economic activities.
PPNEA - Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania;
INCA – Institute for Nature Conservaation in Albania;
APAWA – Assosiation for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife in Albania;
CZIP - Center for Protection and Research of Montenegro;
Noe Conservation
EuroNatur - European Nature Heritage Fund;
SPP - Society for the Protection of Prespa;
Tour du Valat - Research centre for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands;
KMA - The Kerkini Lake Management Authority
Pelican SSG-IUCN WI - The Pelican Species; Specialist Group - IUCN & Wetlands International;

Country: Albania, Montenegro, Greece
Period:    01.03.2014 to 31.03.2017
Donors:   MAVA Foundation

For more info: Bekim Trezhnjeva [email protected]