Organizational structure

As a grass root organization PPNEA bases its strength on the horizontal structure of its organizational framework. The organization has also several district based branches like PPNE Shkoder, PPNE Vlore, PPNE Berat, which are autonomous but do have active collaboration and information exchange with PPNEA.

The headquarters are organized in different section the finance, the secretariat and several expertise groups such as the volunteers, information editorial board and expert pools. PPNEA has a highly experienced team of experts and professionals in different fields. The experts group of PPNEA comprises professionals of various disciplines such as biologists, ecologists, hydro biologists, botanists, veterinarians, environmental engineers, agriculturists, community development specialists, etc.

PPNEA also has an active panel of volunteers which cover a wide range of activities and support the implementation of projects. This combination of expertise and manpower has in effect led to an integrated approach to planning and implementation, particularly for projects, which have multi-disciplinary outcomes.

The overall structure is organized by the liaison council which is placed at the heart of the organization and is the highest decision-making body of PPNEA. The council is chaired by an elected chairman who is assisted by the deputy chairman and secretary general. All council members have prominent qualification and experience with high level expertise, management capabilities and proven scientific track. The management is familiar with the relevant environmental sectors of national and international levels.

The council convenes regularly on bi-monthly bases to discuss policy issues, project management and future course of activities. Moreover, on daily bases project coordinators and team leaders meets regularly with the senior leadership in order to identify and resolve bottlenecks and discuss the status of different on-going projects and other relevant issues.


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